Meet the Committee

Each of our committee members bring a unique lens and diverse experience to the initiative.  One things we do have in common is our interest and passion around diversity, in its many forms, in the workplace.


Project Team


Marzeta Bodden
Marketing and Project Strategist

Marzeta specialises in strategic marketing, communications, experience curation and project design, and leadership development. She has 12 years of experience and has worked for and with organisations across several sectors including academia, aviation, financial services, non-profit, and travel and tourism.

Marzeta cares about culture and cuisine, communications and conversation, charity and community, education and lifelong learning. She has a huge admiration for (and enjoys working with) people with a strong desire to do (inner and outer) work that matters. 


Roxanne Lorimer
Senior Manager, People, Performance and Culture Team

Roxanne specialises in Organisation Design and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Change Management. Her experience and career spans a number of industries and large scale assignments including the design and delivery of programs targeted to help managers lead global teams focusing on cultural awareness, and organisational change.  Roxanne has spent her career studying and developing talented employees, and continues to see the trend of females not advancing to the senior most positions.  Roxanne is curious to understand the factors behind these trends and to have the opportunity to redress the imbalances so we can strengthen the talent pipeline as it becomes increasingly diverse. 


Inga Masjule
Director, Global People Team
White & Case LLP

Inga has over 20 years of international experience; a visionary human resources leader with a record of building global teams and making strategic HR contribution to organisations.  As a senior executive who has reached the top in her field, Inga feels a duty to ensure that talented young women everywhere are given the opportunity to reach the top in their career or profession.  Inga brought the Gender in the Workplace - Cayman Islands collaboration initiative to the forefront.  


Janelle Muttoo
Show Host and Producer
Cayman27 / Hurley's Media

Janelle joined Cayman27 in 2010 after obtaining a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Western University in Canada. After branching out with a stint in Human Resources in 2013, Janelle rejoined the Cayman27 team in August 2016. Innately curious, Janelle has a deep appreciation for creating a dialogue in our community about news that impacts us.

Advisory Team


Chris Bailey
Director, Human Capital Consulting

Chris has more than 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, human resources (HR), business development and outsourcing. His career has spanned several jurisdictions, including Europe, Bermuda and Grand Cayman. His professional experience includes the successful execution of many CFO and C-suite searches.

A qualified HR practitioner, Chris holds both the global professional in human resources (GPHR) and Society for Human Resource Management senior certified professional (SHRM-SCP) certifications. Chris is incoming president of the Cayman Islands Society for Human Resources Professionals.

Tara Tvedt Pic Modified.PNG

Tara Tvedt
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
SquarePeg Ltd.

Tara, the only GALLUP® Certified Strengths Coach in the Caribbean and Mid-Atlantic regions, has more than 15 years of experience in organisational coaching, project management, human resources, training, and psychology.  As a facilitator, speaker, and expert of talent diversity, Tara was enthusiastic to participate in the Gender in the Workplace - Cayman Islands collaboration initiative to further understand, educate, and contribute to diversity, in all its forms, in the Cayman Islands.


Trina Savage
Senior Consultant
Savage Consulting Ltd.

As a Partner and Senior Consultant at Savage Consulting Ltd, Trina works directly with clients to create, manage, monitor and build marketing strategies. With a strong communications focus and company’s business goals at the forefront, she helps create a stronger brand presence, manages organizational communications and nurtures the online presence to enhance the client’s brand reputation and the overall customer experience.  


Yvonne Smyth
Head of Diversity

Yvonne leads Hays' commitment to the active promotion and realisation of true business diversity. She helps clients create and implement diverse recruitment strategies that effectively support and increase the representation of more diverse staff profiles within their businesses. She works closely with Hays specialist consultant teams to ensure that they take positive steps to present suitable career opportunities to talented business professionals who properly represent the spectrum of the society and communities in which they live.
Yvonne chairs Hays Leading Women, a fast growing and highly regarded membership group for experienced professional women from across the world of work. Hays Leading Women aims to support female executives to further progress their careers by providing a series of networking, training and professional and personal development forums.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead